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As Always Imani Commissions Are Open

I've decided to reopen my commissions via Ko-fi. I am currently offering short story writing and video editing. There will be more services added at a later date, I need to get the wording down for what I am and am not offering.

Some of these additional services will be video producing for live and prerecorded actual plays, as well as live and pre-recorded virtual panels. Both are things that I've done before I did a bunch of panels for Gen Con Online. Obviously, I've done actual plays as a producer, gamemaster, and player.

I will also be offering writing services to create scripts for voiceover and voice actors, as well as writing comic book scripts based on people's own outlines and stuff that they've written.

I plan on adding Ren'py programming; I want to do a refresher on Ren'py 8. And also I want to make an example project of everything that I know that I can do well to show off to people as strictly a portfolio piece. On top of that, I'm also planning on adding writing for Visual Novels to the services that are offered. I'm going to use this sample project as an example of both my writing and coding skills.

I will also be setting up on VGEN in the future, but currently, I'm only on Ko-fi.

The reason I'm switching to doing more freelance and reopening my commissions is my day job has been a little bit messy. My day job is film and TV for those who don't know is in Film & TV in Post Production. With the Writers and Actor strike, there was such an upheaval things haven't fully gotten back in the swing of things as they had been before. And the union I am part of is currently negotiating contracts. So I'm just taking a step back from what I've been doing for so long to make a full commitment to being an independent creator.

Plus I miss doing my own sort of thing. I miss working on creative projects that are my own choosing, not because I need to pay my bills, not because I don't still need to pay my bills. I do, which is why I'm taking commissions and not just working on my own stuff. But I don't pick jobs based on not whether I liked the show or not. Basically, whether I liked the show or not is completely irrelevant to me taking a job where, in this case, by doing freelance work, I can be more discerning in my case and the things that I pick.

So long story short, check out more information on my ko-fi

☕:Commissions info on Ko-Fi